The criminal law remains a barometer for our society, reflecting its problems and concerns. The Criminal Law Committee's role is to stay on top of large volumes of legislative reform and attempt to sift through those which are reactive and those that promote positive social change.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator, Tanya Holt, on


  • Michael Kukulies-Smith (Chair)
  • Sarah Avery*
  • Adele Banks
  • Diana Barnes
  • Lorana Bartels*
  • Sarah Boxall
  • Jane Campbell*
  • Richard Davies*
  • Paul Edmonds
  • Andrew Fraser
  • Annie Glover*
  • Charlene Harris
  • David Hoitink*
  • Michael Lalor
  • James Lawton
  • Chantel Potter*
  • Adrian McKenna
  • Jacob Robertson
  • Megan Valler*
  • Dianne O’Hara (CEO) 
  • Natasha Del Piero (Research Officer)

* Shared membership