The Military Law Committee monitors and considers matters of relevance to military law, military service, and veterans’ advocacy in the ACT. Committee members include Australian Defence Force legal officers, both regular and reserve, private practitioners, academics, and government lawyers. The committee provides advice and comment to the President on military law issues.

Recent issues dealt with by the committee include: 

  • an information brief from the Department of Defence in relation to proposed changes to the Defence Act 1903 dealing with Defence Force call out powers,
  • providing comment to the ACT Attorney-General and the Justice and Community Safety Directorate in relation to legislative matters in the military law area,
  • ongoing input into veterans’ advocacy and support services,
  • contributions to the book Military Law in Australia,
  • monitoring the potential implications of ACT law for both the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 and the Defence Act 1903, and
  • the issue of the Commonwealth Criminal Code and combatant immunity.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator, Tanya Holt, on


  • James King (Chair)
  • Genevieve Butler
  • David Letts
  • Jeremy Leyland
  • Eva Logan
  • Don Malcolmson
  • Ben Mason
  • Andrew Paterson
  • Matthew Punter
  • Peter Sutherland
  • Michael Webster